We were there, when the new records were set!

11 hours and 38 minutes. That was an exact time needed by four brave swimmers to swim across the Lake Lochness and to set the new world record. Our company sponsored this courageous sport performance, so we celebrate together with them now!

The team consist of Chun Kong Mag from Hong Kong and from three Czech sportmen – Zdeněk Sláma, Ondřej Smisitel and Kamil Cepelak. They together covered 36,2 kilometres between Fort August and Lochend in rely swimming on September 3rd. Water temperature oscillated between 12°C a 15°C, water itself was murky and similar to whiskey in colour. The swimmers were not allowed to wear different than ordinary 11 cm swimsuits to make them a little wormer. And to make things even more complicated, three swimmers missed their plane to Edinburg. Consequently, they had to swim after barely four hours of sleep. In spite of all these critical factors, our sportsmen overcame former team record by nearly 3 hours. Now they are awaiting the record rectification by the British Long Distance Swimming Association (the BLDSA).

This sport team was not the only one supported on the way to the dream by Exponex. We had sponsored also the young gymnast Johanka Hořáková so that she could participate at the gymnastic aerobic world championship in the past.