• Catalogues for Incheba

    Fair Trade Organization Incheba from Bratislava entrusted us with production of their catalogues and printed materials.


  • New Headquarters

    We have bought a building in the north Brno district and the reconstruction work has started.



    The judges at the Exhibition Design Awards have once again made us happy by giving us yet another trophy. This time we got bronze for the stand we made for Wargaming.net.


  • Our own production area

    We start reconstruction of production space in Dolní Kounice. We simply need more space for these wonderful exhibitions.


  • Wargaming- Gamescom 2014

    We once again push back our barriers in the world of exhibitions. This event is realised in line with our architectural design and completely arranged by our team.


  • A truly huge conference- Heating industry and Power engineering

    We applied what we had already succeeded in on a larger scale- we organised a conference for almost 1000 participants. What pleased us most was that our concept works. An increase of 33% in the number of partners and of 64 % in visitors made us very happy.


  • Heating industry days

    On the basis of the new event concept we submitted, we won this tender. To do things as they should be done is the right way.



    An event which tested our team in all conceivable ways. We passed the test, which gave us great pleasure. We showed others that we really know what we are doing and that our method of working pays off.



    The most gratifying thing is when someone notices and appreciates your work. We received a SILVER AWARD for our exhibition RED5 at Gamescom in Kolín.


  • We break into the European exhibition world.

    We succeeded in realising an exhibition which took our breath away- RED5 at Gamescom in Kolín.


  • We take on architects, the team is now eight.

    Orders accumulate and there's nothing for it but to set up our own design department in order to deal with the increased demand.


  • First official trade fair participation

    We organise the first official participation of the Czech Ministry of Trade and Industry in the trade fair POWER Kazakhstan.


  • We move up to a higher league.

    A larger, more attractive and more demanding exhibition at the most significant motor show in Europe: The Peugeot stand for the firm Decoral at the Geneva Motor Show.


  • Beginning

    We set up the original team of three people.


  • The firm is founded

    On this day we began our adventure, in which we participate every day.


  • CS katalogy

    The catalogues and printed materials production has been taken over by our specialised subsidiary CS katalogy.


  • Our Seventh Financial Statement

    The seventh economic year is closed with 249 million CZK turnover. The number of employees increased to 32 people. We are growing and we like it very much.


  • Our Sixth Financial Statement

    We have closed another, already sixth economic year. Our turnover increased by 238 million CZK and our team by 9 new persons, which means we are 30 now. The principles of growth must be observed.


  • Closing of fifth financial year

    We closed the books on our fifth financial year and the figure on the calculator was 205 million. We once again increased year-on-year turnover by almost 40%.


  • Catalogue Made in CZ Industry

    Our efforts over the course of almost a year pay off and we publish specialist catalogues for Czech mechanical engineering firms. The catalogues are published in English and Russian and we distribute them across the world.


  • End of fourth financial year.

    We close our fourth financial year with a turnover of 149 million Czech Crowns. Our team has grown to twenty one. We maintain the established principle of growth and this pleases us.


  • Winter Olympics

    The Olympic Games are a worldwide sensation. And we were trusted to construct part of the Czech exhibition in the Czech centre. And of course we also supported all our olympians.


  • End of third financial year

    We close our third financial year with a turnover of 126 million Czech Crowns. There are twelve of us in the team. We maintain the established principle of growth and this pleases us.


  • We get into carpentry.

    We become majority owners of the furniture company a1 nábytek. Through this we have production of more demanding exhibitions in our own hands.


  • We produce catalogues.

    We start up our next area - production of catalogues for trade fair management firm ABF. We bring a female element to a predominantly technical state organisation. We take on further employees. Now there are ten of us.


  • Second financial year end.

    We close our second financial year with a turnover of 90 million CZK. There are five of us in the team. We are increasing our turnover by 90 %. We are pleased with this and want to make a rule of it.


  • First conference- VODAFÓRUM

    Our efforts pay off and we have to demonstrate that we are able to organise a conference. It is a success- 380 visitors attended 30 specialist talks and 54 companies presented their new developments.


  • First financial year end.

    We close our first financial year with a turnover of 46 million Czech Crowns. There are five of us in the team.


  • We start with conferences and trade fairs.

    The team is increased to four with the addition of our first expert on organising conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions. We can now make our move into the market.


  • The firm is bought by Petr Krejčí and Aleš Pohl.

    We set up a new firm and new strategy.