Project team

We have our own designers, constructors and structural engineers. Our project team process the comission from the creation of a draft to the detailed production drawings. We process the stand draft, sketch a production design of wooden, metal, aluminium and glass constructions, we calculate the structural stability and optimalise all cross-sections.

Production team

Designs are transformed into reality by our foremen. In the workshop we turn the designs into actual products and exhibitions. We are capable of working with all materials, and can manufacture furniture from solid wood. We have all necessary machines and equipment, from hand-operated tools to the most complicated. CNC and NC machines are the most recent additions.

We do everything from zero. Literally.

Every project has to go through several stages- planning and designing and then the production itself. We can do all of these. Our design team ensures that the realisation of the design is carried out according to your original concept. Constructors plan everything and structural engineers ensure that the maximum load bearing capacity of the multi-storey construction or suspended hoardings are approved by the trade fair organisers according to the laws and norms of the given country.

We are capable of constructing clients' completed designs, or we can simply lend materials for the realisation of their wishes. For complicated assembly we send only an experienced assembly team. We adapt to your requirements. We build turn-key installations, we borrow wall systems, reflecting floors, aluminium constructions or furniture, or we simply provide an experienced team for the assembly of the client's materials. We are adaptable, everything depends on you.